Higher Level Productivity with Brand New Printer

Multinational corporation SHARP is actively promoting the new Printer in Hong Kong. S.A.S Electric is the official distributor of SHARP products in Hong Kong. They aim to improve the quality of office work with an innovative printing machine. This device doesn’t serve only for printing. It has multiple purposes that cover basic and advanced office tasks. S.A.S Electric also offers IT Support. Thus, clients can request end-to-end service that includes selling and installing the photocopier, as well as providing other IT solutions per request. 

The new SHARP multifunction printer features a high-grade security system that applies to online documents. The touch screen display is simplified and user-friendly so even customers with minimal or no IT knowledge can utilize the device effortlessly. The IT Support teaches buyers how to use the device in simple terms after the purchase. Also, the new SHARP product has a feature that is uncommon for an office printer: it prints large papers, known as banners. Therefore, clients do not have to order banners at the local printing office, they can do it on their own! 

To keep the high standard of the brand, SHARP facilitated the utilization of online document management. Thus, users can connect the new printer to the cloud, mobile, and other devices. That way, printing is faster and easier, without the necessity to use a flash drive or a computer to transfer and print files. 

Clients can book IT Support at S.A.S Electric and receive more than a printer; a collaboration with a team of IT experts. S.A.S offers Network Setup, Computer Setup, Antivirus, Data Backup, and a wide range of other IT services that every active office needs.