WSET Level 1 – Safe Path to Wine Industry

CorVino, a reputable Wine School Hong Kong invites wine enthusiasts to join an innovative wine tasting course that will upgrade their skills and prepare them for greater achievements in the industry. This school is known for its engaging courses that turn wine enthusiasts into wine experts. After attending WSET Level 1, 2, and WSET Level 3, attendees will be ready to enter a competitive market and make their passion for wines a profitable profession with great gains!

WSET Level 1 is created for beginners with basic or no knowledge of wines. All they need is motivation and the will to learn. The course teaches attendees how to explore wines through taste, smell, and sight and they learn valuable skills, such as food pairings. The second level builds on the skills and knowledge obtained previously and prepares them for the final, WSET Level 3 which is designed for people willing to become professionals.

After each wine tasting course, attendees receive a prestigious certification that serves as a great reference in the industry. They can choose how much they would like to progress and attend courses according to their preference. In case attendees opt to pass WSET Level 3, they will obtain advanced skills and knowledge that make them a valuable asset in the field and open the grand door to a range of career opportunities.

As a Wine School Hong Kong, CorVino’s approach keeps course attendees engaged and teaches them new lessons in a captivating, interesting way. That way, wine enthusiasts enhance their passion for beverages even more and see all the possibilities of the wine industry in detail.