WSET Course Hong Kong: Exploring the World of Wines

CorVino, a prestigious Wine School in Hong Kong is inviting all wine enthusiasts to attend engaging courses and obtain elite certifications that will open new opportunities in the industry and help them enjoy wines even more. WSET Course Hong Kong is the most popular course at CorVino. Over 800 Approved Programme Providers (APPs) practice WSET in 70+ countries around the world. The course is available in various languages and features different practices with the same goal: to help wine lovers become wine experts!

The first level of the WSET Course Hong Kong is designed to explain the basics of the wine industry to participants. It teaches them essential information about beverages, helps them explore wine through sight, taste, and smell, and assists in the development of skills required to describe wines in detail and make food and wine pairings. 

The second level of WSET Course Hong Kong contains additions to the skills developed on the first level. Hence, attendants strengthen their tasting skills, while also learning more about wines. They learn theory about different types of grapes, the places where they are grown, and they also gain more confidence in describing wines and determining the quality. 

The third level of WSET Course Hong Kong provides more information and practices related to the style, quality, and price of wines. It also teaches participants more about sparkling and fortified wines. The final level is created for people with advanced knowledge in the field that are aiming to become wine professionals. CorVino is proud to be the school where many reputable wine connoisseurs started their successful careers. The educators are looking forward to new, exciting experiences that they share with every new group of wine enthusiasts!