Sustainable Printing Company in Hong Kong

Sustainable printing company Hung Hing is one of the largest producers of cardboard boxes of the highest quality around the world. With headquarters in Hong Kong, this company managed to become the leader in the printing industry with its innovative technologies, utilization of eco-friendly materials, and continual development and improvement of its services.

Hung Hing has a significant role in the Asian book printing industry. Long-term collaboration with continental book publishers encouraged Hung Hing to expand its services to clients worldwide, which resulted in a global expansion of this sustainable printing company. Today, prestigious companies from all parts of the world work with Hung Hing as their main printing company, which confirms its quality and consistency. Cardboard boxes, hardcover, and paperback manufacturing are only some of the services included in Hung Hing’s rich offer.

Since its establishment in 1950, Hung Hing presented a different approach that no other printing company had before. The idea was to offer services of the highest quality using environment-friendly materials, making Hung Hing a rare sustainable printing company. In the first decade of its operation, this company gained enormous recognition in the region, which motivated the founders to expand its services and introduce innovative cardboard boxes and other products for small and large orders.

Hung Hing is a reliable partner with flexible services, designed for clients from different business fields. Whether they need cardboard boxes for their companies, puzzles, or books, as well as any other printing products, they can contact customer service and receive the best products that will suit their needs.