Elevate your Home/ Workspace

What’s your favorite lifestyle brands from HK? If you love discovering new lifestyle brands from HK, you should definitely check out kapok. It is exciting to see the many homegrown creatives in their product selection. One friendly reminder, if you are specifically looking for HK lifestyle brands instead of international ones, you should go to the branch stores in PMQ, St. Francis yard, and k11. And if you are a fan of rarity and craftsmanship, kapok landmark is the place to be.  

Contrary to the popular belief, most people in HK go to kapok not for its fashion items but for the scented candles. You see, “self-care” is the name of the game these days and nothing says “self-care” louder than coming home to a calming and relaxing environment with warm candlelight and delicate aromas. I love trying out scented candles HK and it is always disappointing to find out that the international brands I’m interested in does not have a store in HK or does not ship products to HK. Thanks to kapok, I get to try out scented candles HK from coveted international brands such as Wak from Athens, Brooklyn Candle Studio from NY, and Haeckels from the UK. Do visit kapok some day and elevate your home/ workspace!