CorVino Invites Future Wine Connoisseurs to Attend a Wine Course

Wine enthusiasts do not have to stay only admirers of the beverage if they can become professionals or at least knowledgeable in the field. With an affordable, captivating Hong Kong Wine Course, they can learn everything about wines at CorVino.

WSET is the most popular Hong Kong Wine Course. It has three levels in Wine and three levels in Sake, adjusted to people with different levels of knowledge. The courses are provided by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust which educates people on wines and provides prestigious certifications at the end of every course. These certifications can benefit their holders greatly as they can progress professionally in the wine industry.

The first level of the WSET Hong Kong Wine Course teaches attendees how to use taste, smell, and sight to explore wines. They also learn how to pair foods with wines and other basic skills that are required for higher levels. As the participants of the course level up, they will learn about the history of wines, the difference between types of grapes, and other relevant information. They will also improve their tasting skills and learn how to recommend wines to people based on their preferences.

CorVino’s reputation confirms the quality of its courses. This wine school is proud of all the influential wine connoisseurs that started their careers at CorVino. The educators invite all wine admirers to attend the Hong Kong Wine Course and join the list of prosperous enthusiasts that truly appreciate wines and aim to succeed in the industry.