Charm of an Italian Luxury Yacht

Monte Carlo Yachts (MCY) rocketed to the top of the yachting industry in 2010 when they launched their first Italian Luxury Yacht – the MCY 76. The founders presented this model in Venice and Cannes, fascinating yacht enthusiasts across the globe. The same year, the MCY 76 won numerous prestigious awards, which made it clear that a new player stepped into the yachting world. Since then, Monte Carlo is consistently launching impressive boats and gaining more and more international fans.

Yachters in Hong Kong did not stay indifferent to the charm of this Italian Luxury Yacht brand. Monte Carlo is extremely popular in the region. It is one of the most-requested Hong Kong Luxury Yacht brands at Asia Yachting, a private dealership, and brokerage. Luckily for yacht admirers, this company makes all the prestigious boats by famous manufacturers easily-available to their clients. Thus, they don’t have to wish for world-class boats, they can order them at Asia Yachting.

Asia Yachting offers new and used boats. Clients can purchase exclusive Italian Luxury Yacht models for amazing prices; if they don’t mind buying yachts that were previously used. This company takes great care of its reputation. Hence, all the pre-owned boats are in impeccable condition. Every Hong Kong Luxury Yacht is double-checked and ready for additional tests.

New boats at Asia Yachting are popular in Hong Kong as well. This category is especially attractive to experienced yachters that enjoy trying out new Hong Kong Luxury Yacht models and being rare owners of exclusive boats. All they need to do is contact Asia Yachting and make special requests that the staff of this company will fulfill shortly.