A Road to Become a Sophisticated Wine Taster

CorVino, a Top Wine School in Hong Kong, invites wine enthusiasts to take part in the WSET Wine Course or a Sake Course and turn their passions into profitable professions!

Year after year, new generations of wine admirers enter the industry in style. This school has been the starting point for many successful sommeliers and wine masters in Hong Kong. The educators are happy to welcome new ambitious people that are willing to learn and prosper in the wine world. The WSET Wine Course is the first step towards that great goal.

At CorVino, there are several levels or different groups of course attendees. Whether the new participants are taking a WSET Wine Course or a Sake Course, they need to go through a quick consultation that will determine their starting levels. In most cases, people choose to start from the first level, even if they have advanced knowledge. CorVino’s lessons contain information that even experienced wine enthusiasts didn’t have a chance to learn. By attending the first level, those course attendees will refresh everything they know and learn more information that they didn’t know before.

Even people that don’t plan to pursue careers in the wine industry should attend the Level 1 of the WSET Wine or the Sake Course. They are helpful in everyday life and they teach skills that can impress everyone at a sophisticated meeting or a date night! The first level teaches participants how to explore wines through smell, sight, and taste, as well as how to do some quality food pairings. Those skills, along with the certification, take every participant one level higher than other wine admirers!