Veins Treatment HK for Patients with Vein Problems

Esteem Surgical Clinic was founded in 2008. One of the primary services of the clinic was vein surgery. The team of specialists was focusing entirely on providing surgeries that will change patients’ lives. Expertise, experience, advanced equipment, and innovative practices earned the trust of clients in Hong Kong so Esteem Surgical Clinic became a reputable clinic where patients looked for solutions at the most critical times.

As the facility and the team expanded, Esteem Surgical Clinic introduced an exclusive Veins Treatment HK. Patients could book a Varicose Veins treatment, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) treatment, as well as Venous Ulcer treatment, among others. Those services are available to this day and they meet the highest medical standards. The clinic is upgrading the equipment continually and introducing new practices that can only be seen in the most prestigious medical facilities across the world.

The Veins Treatment HK is performed by specialists with respected degrees and extensive experience. Varicose veins refer to the enlarged and swollen veins of dark purple and blue colors that typically appear on legs and feet. Deep Vein Thrombosis is a dangerous blood knot that forms in veins and can potentially cause a heart attack or a stroke. Venous Ulcer occurs as a consequence of improper blood flow (circulation) in leg veins.

Patients need to book an appointment that will serve to determine the issues and suggest the best treatment. Apart from the Veins Treatment HK listed above, the clinic also provides Vascular Surgery, Thyroid Treatments, Endoscopy, Circumcisions, as well as General Minimal Invasive Surgery.