How to prepare for the HKDSE Math Exam?

There are bound to be some topics in Math that we can never get our heads around no matter how hard we try. The section B in HKDSE Math Exam can easily be a nightmare for a lot of students. If you have always struggled with Math, and decided to improve your Math grade once and for all, it is high time that you seek help from a Hong Kong Math Tutor. What difference can a Hong Kong Math Tutor make? You may ask. Well, one thing for sure, you can get a more focused, one-on-one support. Your tutor is likely to identify areas you are weak at and target those. Also, your tutor will be able to give you some tips and tricks on doing an exam paper because he or she is familiar with the curriculum and is experienced in teaching Math.

But what else can you do aside from finding a Hong Kong Math Tutor?

First and foremost, install in your two calculators and familiarize yourselves with at least three programs – quadratic program, simultaneous equation, and cubic equation. With the help of the right program, you are rest assured to have answers in the blink of an eye. Second, set a revision timetable. Make sure to have ample breaks in between and not to leave out anything on the scope. Third, do past papers. Completing past papers and drills on your weaker topics is always a more effective study method than simply reading the Math textbook.

Since acceptance to universities in Hong Kong is quite difficult, many students decide to study aboard and have to take international Math exams. For students going to the US for example, they need to take the SAT since it is an entrance exam used by the majority of US universities in making admission decisions. It is nice to have a SAT Math Tutor around for they who are only familiar with the HKDSE curriculum may be overwhelmed by an international exam.