Virtual Career Fair Platform that Gained Fame in 2020

The world changed in many ways in the last three years, mainly because of COVID-19. After the toll the quarantine took on the business world, most companies and institutions understood the importance of online communication. The need and demand for a quality Virtual Career Fair Platform reached its peak in 2020. There weren’t many platforms that truly satisfied users’ needs. Most of them lacked a few features in order to be all-inclusive; until one Online Community Software Platform changed that and provided all the features users needed for effective virtual communication.

The Virtual Career Fair Platform that truly shined in 2020 and continues to shine now is UC. NOW – a premium Online Community Software Platform that offers everything people need for constructive communication and online management.

  1. NOW is great for webinars, online meetings, interviews, lessons, tutoring, and just any event that could take place online. While there are a few sites that offer either a video calling feature or allow users to upload shared files, only UC. NOW allows all those actions in one place. This Virtual Career Fair Platform provides an InfoHub, which people can use for multi-stream concurrent webinars, conferences, or one-on-one meetings. The capacity of the Online Community Software Platform is enormous.

The goal of UC. NOW was to give users all the tools they needed for effective online engagement. They made it easy to talk online, share files and access them at different times, which was especially beneficial for students. This Virtual Career Fair Platform is slowly becoming an integral part of large companies, which is another indicator that UC. NOW will become the main online communication platform in the future.