MemoPlus PR Crisis Management and Event Planning Services

As the old adage goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” It is imperative that companies are always prepared. It is known that with sufficient training and a regularly updated and reviewed PR crisis management plan, almost 90% of PR crises can be prevented. Your brand reputation is your most valuable asset and a quality PR crisis management service is what you need to keep it intact.

If you are interested in a bulletproof PR crisis management plan, you should check out MemoPlus. Among others, their ‘post-crisis’ work really stands out. They devote their efforts to conduct follow-up communication. They help deliver all information promised to the public as soon as it is known and keep stakeholders updated on any recovery efforts and corrective measures. Then, they evaluate the PR crisis management efforts and see the PR crisis as a valuable learning experience. It is good to know that they discuss with clients if existing strategies have room for improvement and whether a future action plan is needed to stabilize the affected reputation.

Their professional event planning team is just as good – they are familiar with a wide range of HK industries and they have been crafting perfect promotional, commercial, and social events over the years. The quality of their event planning services is recognized by numerous HK companies.