Limited Partnership and Cayman Fund Encourage Businessmen to Invest

The interest of businessmen in private investments is gradually decreasing in Hong Kong while the Limited Partnership Funds HK, Cayman Fund, and similar programs are rising.

Expensive costs have a discouraging effect on investors, which is why they are losing interest in private investments. Registering in offshore jurisdictions is more appealing to investors, mainly because of the low taxes. Cayman Fund is a tax regime that is growing in Hong Kong rapidly. It refers to offshore company registration in the Cayman Islands. This framework excludes the direct taxes on income, capital gains, and profits while keeping a stable government framework.

Apart from the Cayman Fund, another program has been building its way to investors in Hong Kong – Limited Partnership Funds HK (LPF HK).

LPF is a private fund management framework that the Government of Hong Kong introduced on 31st August.  This regime enables investors to register eligible private funds as limited partnerships. Limited Partnership Funds HK is created to attract private investors in Hong Kong. It does not require minimum capital and it allows partners to have more freedom of contract.

To become a part of either of the listed frameworks, investors need to hire experienced consultants.

CityLinkers is a consulting company that provides end-to-end assistance in Limited Partnership Funds HK, as well as the Cayman Fund. This team is in charge of reviewing the documents, preparing investors for the registration, coordinating applications, and supporting the registration, among other activities.

Clients that are ready to use the advantages of the running investment programs should not hesitate to hire CityLinkers and begin a new chapter of their business journey.