Digital Expo Platform HK: Solution for Online Training

UC. Now, a Digital Expo Platform HK is taking virtual meetings to a whole new level. There is no need to use multiple websites for online training and interviews anymore; with UC. Now, members can complete various tasks without exiting the Employee Training Management Platform HK.

The company is following the Consolidate + Automate system that applies to virtual and hybrid training scheduling. Trainers can finally have full control over their channels so they can upload materials to the Digital Expo Platform HK and share them with trainees easily. They can create classes with only a few clicks and manage the content of the course as they please. Sending notifications is also extremely easy because the system does all the work for the trainers. They only need to select the time of the meeting and the Employee Training Management Platform HK will send out notifications to all members.

The Digital Expo Platform HK did not only think of the trainers’ benefits but also the trainees. Students, job seekers, and other groups of people that were invited to virtual events never had an opportunity to access all the used materials after the meetings were over. With UC. Now, the mentioned option is available. Even if the participants are late or miss the online gathering, they can check the uploaded files afterward. That way, they will be informed and won’t miss out on any important information. The Employee Training Management Platform HK is client-oriented so the company is consistently updating the software and improving the user experience.

The representatives of UC. Now invite educational institutions, companies, and other groups to try out this software and make online meetings easy, interesting, constructive, and productive.