Comparing Meeting with Webinar

I am sure you have been hearing words like ‘Zoom meeting’ and ‘webinar’ a lot lately, considering how quickly these online platforms grow in times of pandemic. At first glance, a webinar portal may look similar to a meeting one. But they are different in some ways. First, a webinar portal is best used for large-scale events with 50+ attendees while a meeting one is perfect for both small and large groups. Second, a webinar portal is usually used by event hosts whereas a meeting one is used by employees in general. Third, a webinar portal generally enables only the hosts and panelists to share their screens while a meeting one allows everyone to do so.

Have you noticed that a growing number of HK companies are looking for an online staff training platform these days? What makes an online staff training platform desirable among HK companies is that there are currently many job positions that are ‘remote’. An online staff training platform can help reach employees that do not necessarily base in HK. Second, it enables easy accessibility. Employees get to replay training videos whenever they want and complete assessments and quizzes in the comfort of their homes. Third, it boosts information retention. With the attractive and entertaining graphics and video clips, employees are believed to understand the training content better and enjoy the process more.